A story of new-born life in a medium-risk lockdown in Foshan
Foshan China 2021-06-02 18:35

Since a confirmed asymptomatic case had been to Lvyin Mingyuan(绿茵鸣苑) in Chancheng District before, this area has been put under closed management since May 26th.



All daily work went on in good order until an emergency message on May 30th from the residents’ Wechat group broke the peace.


A message for help


This message was sent by Ms. Wang, an expectant mother, who became increasingly intense as the due date was approaching.


Other members in Wechat group provided various suggestions the moment they got the message. With the help of these warm-hearted neighbors as well as the staff of urban neighborhood committee,Foshan No.1 Peoples Hospital was informed of this special situation and made detailed preparations.


"Joint hands" for the expectant mother


At the afternoon of May 31st, Foshan No.1 Peoples Hospital got the phone call from Ms. Wang who felt that the baby was about to be born. Soon, an ambulance given special approval drove into Lvyin Mingyuan and immediately took Ms. Wang to the hospital. The caesarean section, which could have been completed in about one hour, took 3 hours this time due to the inconvenience brought by protective suits wore by medical workers. However, thanks to the close cooperation by several departments, the baby was delivered safely.



At this special time when the virus continued to spread,families of new mothers are all declined to be caregivers in hospital. Nurses therefore have to care for both new babies and new mothers for now.



“Thank you a lot for helping me and my child!” Ms. Wang, after giving birth, wanted to express her appreciation to everyone who had helped her these days.



When the good news reached the Wechat group, everyone was happy and relieved and sent their best wishes to the mother and the baby.


Thanks to all kind-hearted people who offered their helping hands.


Let us give the best wishes to the new life.


Keep fighting against virus, Foshan.


We will definitely overcome the pandemic!




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