Inspiring singing echoed in lockdown areas
Foshan China 2021-06-03 14:54
Yesterday was the seventh day of quarantine for residents living in Lvyin Mingyuan(绿茵鸣苑), Chancheng District due to the epidemic. Last night, residents living in this medium-risk lockdown area yelled out “Stay strong, Foshan!” and everyone sang the classic song “Ode to the Motherland”(《歌唱祖国》) together to express their appreciation to all the front-line workers in the battle against COVID-19. 
“Five-star red flag is fluttering in the wind. The song of victory is so resounding.”
At the night of June 1st, in another lockdown community, Huafu Yushuian in Nanhai District, residents played the song “Listen to Me Say” (《听我说谢谢你》), waving their hands with flashlight to encourage one another.
6 primary students sang this song while playing the piano as a way to salute to all the workers who stick to their posts at the frontline.
These heart-warming scenes and encouraging songs have supported Foshan and its people to dispel the gloom of the pandemic.