Fast in progress! These foreigners in China got things to share | New Era in China③
Foshan China 2022-10-26 14:23
This October, “New Era in China”, a new series produced by Foshan News Network, will cover different stories of foreigners that live and work in Foshan . In this episode, Neil from Britain, Ludger from Germany and Analyn from the Philippines shared their stories.

Born in the 1990s, Neil from the UK has almost spent his 5 years in China. As a big fan of the Chinese culture, he has traveled to Hunan, Jiangxi, Guangxi, Harbin, Beijing and Shanghai. He has seen the creativity of Chinese people flourish in many places here - canteens and eye-catching scientific and technological innovation. As a teacher in China, he also hopes students could foster their own creative thinking and more “seeds” of creativity grow on this beautiful land.
Ludger is an German entrepreneur, who made his visit trip to China back in 1992. As he pinpoints, China did not become one of the destination for foreign investors for no reason - construction of infrastructure that keeps rolling out, government policies that brings tangible supports for enterprises and so on. To operate in such business friendly environment, he and his team just felt confident to continue their stories in China.
Analyn, from Phillipine, has always wanted to travel around China, making memories as she knows about vastly different folks and traditions in various areas. As she set foot on more places, she was most impressed by the powerful transportation system here in China, such as roads, railways and affordable shared bicycles. In the future, she wants to experience more different things in China. Not having seen any snow the whole life, she pointed out Harbin is the place on her buckle list.
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