Twice a Month! Nanhai Kungfu receives CCTV's recognition

This episode delves into the martial arts culture, and the enchanting charm of Lingnan cultural city.

2023-12-06 16:47:46 来源:Foshan China

Enjoy a cultural and artistic feast at the 2023 China-Europe Culture Week in Sanlongwan Sci-Tech City

This year's splendid eight-day event promises to bring a cultural and artistic feast to citizens.

2023-12-05 11:33:12 来源:Foshan China

2023 Foshan Sanlongwan Sci-Tech City China-Europe Culture Week to Kick off This Saturday

This eight-day cultural feast promises an array of engaging activities that seamlessly blend European charm with local traditions.

2023-12-01 17:33:03 来源:Foshan China

Lion Dance | A Shining Lingnan Folk Culture

Lion dance is a fusion of martial arts, dance, music and other Han folk elements.

2023-11-30 18:13:00 来源:Foshan China

The Inaugural Camping Life Expo Unlocks New Experience of Cultural Travel

On November 24, the inaugural Camping Life Expo kicked off in Foshan.

2023-11-28 14:55:18 来源:Foshan China

Foshan witnesses peak battle of 900 dragon boat rowers

On November 25, the 2023 China Dragon Boat Competition kicked off in Shunfeng Mountain Park.

2023-11-27 14:15:04 来源:Yangcheng Evening News

Shunde Polytechnic to Establish Cantonese Cuisine Educational Base in Thailand

During the event, Shunde Polytechnic and Thailand Chitralada Technology Institute signed a cooperation agreement.

2023-11-24 17:28:09 来源:Foshan China

Sanlongwan Sci-Tech City Promotes Financial Convergence Zone to Bridge Manufacturing and Finance

Sanlongwan Sci-Tech City will build the bridge of cooperation between the manufacturing and financial industries.

2023-11-21 14:12:58 来源:Foshan China

Foshan: Robots on the march

The trading and manufacturing hub of Foshan is making new waves of producing industrial robots.

2023-11-20 10:23:17 来源:China Daily

The Story of Dragon Boat

Check out this micro film to reveal the full story of dragon boat culture.

2023-11-16 16:59:36 来源:

Savor the Freshness and Sweetness of Shunde Sashimi

Have you ever tried the worldwide famous Shunde Sashimi?

2023-11-15 14:13:17 来源:Foshan China

What? Foshan KungFu Can Also Be Expressed Through Rap? | Laowai Wonder Why

Can KungFu and Rap go hand in hand? What innovative ways does Foshan KungFu bring to the table?

2023-11-13 17:53:10 来源:Foshan China

Kungfu Film Week | Legendary martial arts star Bruce Lee shows up in Foshan?

The lion dance performance also took the energy to new heights.

2023-11-10 14:24:43 来源:Foshan China

2023 China Hydrogen Industry Conference kicks off in Nanhai, Foshan

The 2023 China Hydrogen Industry Conference officially commenced on November 7 in Nanhai, Foshan.

2023-11-09 17:07:24 来源:Foshan China

Kungfu Film Week | Lion Dance Exercise Brings Out the Distinctive Essence of Lingnan Culture

Foshan Qiuse Parade, a grand event, tookplace at the Xiqiao sub-venue in Nanhaion November 5.

2023-11-08 16:01:57 来源:Foshan China