Coming soon! Interstellar theme park in Nanhai
Foshan China 2021-08-17 17:30
A theme park related to aerospace will be built on the north side of Xinghu Road in Guicheng, Nanhai.
Green space landscape project on Xinghu Road

Area: About 9700㎡
Location: Guangdong Financial High-tech Zone

Highlights: Make full use of the narrow space and combine the cosmic elements to create an popular park.
Construction process: under construction
The project is divided into 6 functional areas: square, sightseeing, AI activity, sports, culture and landscape.


Key area: tourist attraction
Spaceship deck is the key area andwith sightseeing platform, the sky bar, and children’s capsule slide willto be set.
Sightseeing Platform
Located at the entrance to the park, the Sightseeing Platform can have a whole view of Xinghu Road.


The Sky Bar
The Sky Bar is located next to the platform. With a shelter on the top, you can enjoy your time whether it is burning hot or rainy.


Children’s Capsule Slide
With the elements of earth and Ggalaxy, the slide makes children feel like being in outer space.

Central area: Iintelligent hardware +facilities & science of universe
The central area has intelligent activity area and fitness area, including AI racing track, AI interactive cycling, courts and other leisure facilities to meet the needs of different functional activities.


Star Tours
Through the ground adornment and 3D landscape on the wall, citizens can have a deeper understanding of the universe and astronomy.



AI Racing Track
The super long AI track is equipped with digital AI device to enhance the enjoyment of sports.


AI interactive cycling
AI interactive cycling uses intelligent equipment, which can not only carry out cycling competitions, but also let you experience the scene changes of different landmarks.

The courts withsurrounded by plenty of trees will also be built.

Front and rear areas:
Leisure area, cultural image display area