Landscaping project to light up Nanhai Art Center
Foshan China 2021-08-13 20:03

Standing at where Qiandenghu Lake is intersected with Foshan Waterfront Landscape Corridor, Nanhai Art Center Area covers an area of 697,333 square meters and serves as a key area in Foshan that integrates financial service, culture & leisure, high-end commerce and infrastructure.


Aerial view of Nanhai Art Center


Nanhai Art Center is key to the project, with a total area of about 166,666 square meters, integrating show & performance, public service, business & officing and so on.


Vision: The design combines water, art and life to redefine the style of Lingnan Water Village.




Highlights: "Qiandenghu Lake Wanhua Xu", situated in Wanhua Xu, faces the gorgeous Qiandenghu Lake Park with Foshan Waterway in between.


At the connection between watercourses and the axes, the original arbors were retained and new types of arbors were introduced to ensure visual unity.


Overall project


According to the notice, a lake and other facilities will be planned. At the same time, the northern part of the area is planned for rail transfer station.



Foshan Metro Line 6 and Guangzhou Metro Line 28


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