Two expats in Foshan visited venues of the 2022 Winter Olympics
Foshan China 2021-08-13 19:53

From July 27 to 30, Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries has successfully hosted the Tour of Winter Olympics Sites in Beijing and Zhangjiakou by Youth from European Countries in China under the theme of “Feel the Charm of Snow and Ice Sports in the World of Winter Olympics”. By coordinating with GDPAFFC, FSPAFFC recommended two European elite representatives to join the bigger group formed by youth from 17 European countries who work in Beijing, Shanghai, Hebei and 6 other provinces and municipalities. During the event, participants visited major venues of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.


After going through innovative and green renovation while preserving its industrial heritages, Shougang Park which used to be the cradle and powerhouse of Beijing steel industry, now accommodates the office of Beijing Organizing Committee for the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games as well as Snowboard Big Air Venue, known as “high heel”. This visit in Shougang Park fully manifested China’s endeavour in pursuing frugality and sustainability in organizing work and the fusion of industrial value and Olympic spirit.


In Yanqing Competition zone, the participants visited National Alpine Ski, Sliding Center and Olympic village which are in the arms of lush mountains in summer time. They were impressed by the environmentally friendly concept, application of local and natural materials and hi-tech elements during the construction of these venues and their future operation.


In Zhangjiakou Competition Zone, all the guests ascended “Snow Ruyi” (National Ski Jumping Center) which resembles a Ruyi scepter, a Chinese talisman. On the summit platform, they enjoyed a bird’s eye view of the “Ice Jade Ring” (a C-shaped corridor connecting the competition venues, press center and hotels). These magnificent facilities fully demonstrate China’s solemn commitment and great investment in promoting snow and ice sports across the country. By taking Beijing-Zhangjiakou high-speed train, they witnessed in person how the Winter Olympics has boosted the connectivity between different regions and their socioeconomic development.


Hernandez Canto Bruno Orlando (Investment Promotion Center, Foshan Bureau of Commerce):

“You can see cranes and construction sites not only in Beijing Olympic venues but also throughout China. China’s rapid development is giving me new feelings and understandings everyday. I believe that the upcoming Beijing Winter Olympics will once again show the world China speed and China strength.”


Stokes Gregory Stephen (Foshan Country Garden School):

“This is actually my first time to have a close look at Winter Olympics in person. This journey has changed my impression of ice and snow sports and ignited my interest in them. I am planning a tour next year for Beijing Winter Olympics so that I would not miss the chance of watching competitions as a spectator in these wonderful venues. I will share with my friends and family about this journey and Beijing Winter Olympics.”



Source | Foreign Affairs Bureau of Foshan