CDC: COVID-19 vaccine is still effective against Delta variant
GDToday & GRTradio 2021-08-11 10:24
As breakthrough cases (infections after vaccination) are reported among the sporadic COVID-19 infections in China, concerns about the effect of vaccines are growing. Do these cases mean that vaccines are useless?


Wu Chenggang, chief expert in the field of Immunization Program of Guangdong CDC, says that existing vaccines still remain effective against the Delta variant. Based on studies conducted in countries with large-scale outbreaks, Chinas vaccines showed 65.9% efficacy in preventing all symptoms related to COVID-19, 87,5% efficacy in preventing severe cases, 90.3% efficacy in preventing ICU admission and 86.3% efficacy in preventing death.


(Photo: Nanfang Daily)


The unvaccinated population is the main risk group. Delta variant may reduce the efficacy of COVID-19 vaccine. However, all COVID-19 vaccines are protective, and can reduce the risk of severe diseases and death.


Those with chronic diseases are at high risk for severe diseases and death from COVID-19. Vaccination is recommended for patients with chronic conditions when they are under stable health status and well-controlled medical conditions.


Senior adults should inform medical workers of their health status before receiving vaccination. Those aged 75 and older need to be accompanied by family members or community volunteers when they take a jab.


Zhuhai-Macao port requires negative COVID results issued within 48 hours

According to the Zhuhai COVID-19 Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters Office, starting from 6 am on August 10, 2021, residents who enter or exit via the border between Zhuhai and Macao (including cross-border truck drivers) must present a negative nucleic acid test result issued within 48 hours. Those who enter Zhuhai via the Zhuhai-Macao port must also take the initiative to report to their communities and accept health monitoring and management at home.


Individuals who come from cities within high-risk areas outside Guangdong province, and travel to Macao via Zhuhai, must present negative nucleic acid test results issued within 48 hours and implement relevant health management measures in accordance with the requirements of the Epidemic Prevention and Control Group of the Guangdong COVID-19 Pneumonia Prevention and Control Command Office.


An individual with “red health code” reported in Chaozhou city


On the early morning of August 10, Chaoan District, Chaozhou City, reported that Jinshi Town had received a patient with a sore throat, whose health code showed "person with red code from other provinces" and "with full vaccination". The individual’s temperature was normal and there were no other symptoms. According to epidemiological investigations, this individual had no history traveling to medium and high-risk areas in China over the past 14 days before arriving at Chaozhou.


On the evening of August 8 and the morning of August 9, a total of 75 people related to the individual tested negative. At present, the individual remains under medical observation and tested negative on August 9.