Ping Pong legend visited Nanhai
Foshan China 2021-08-10 17:07

From winning the first grand slam of ping pong in China to being ranked as the "World No.1" female ping pong player for the longest time, Deng Yaping is unarguably one of the most outstanding athletes that have inspired one generation after another. On August 9, Deng debuted at a livestream in Nanhai, Foshan to inject more "energy" into Chinas new manufacturing. Essential to this livestream are some "invisible champions" from Nanhai, with strong industrial capacity and innovation power that lead major trends in the industry. By featuring an Olympic champion and “invisible champion" enterprises, the livestream has attracted tens of thousands of audiences to keep up with Nanhai manufacturing.

"This is a city home to tons of invisible champions. Against the backdrop of a booming economy in Nanhai, people are living up the spirit of dedication, hard work and persistence. Many work day and night just to craft a champion product." Deng elaborated on manufacturing industry in Nanhai.


Where theres a home, there are products made in Nanhai Foshan. The livestream includes a wide array of products, including light luxury beds from Heshecase, mattresses from RZX and UV lamps from Cnlight. All these products have won sound reputations for their high quality.

At present, clusters of hidden champions in Nanhai has become the major driving force for high-quality growth, as they represent the most focused, innovative, and open-minded enterprises. These fundamental spirits are also be reflected on Olympic athletes. This month marks the holding of Tokyo Olympics 2020, to which the general public pays extra attention. Seeing these Olympic athletes holding nothing back for national pride, people feel a strong sense of national pride. By linking domestic brands to that, the local government seeks to expand the influence of Nanhai brands.


Since 2020, the Nanhai Government has teamed up with Ali Group to hold a campaign named "Home in Nanhai · Life Products Special". The event gathered more than 80 local industrial associations and more than 1,000 companies. Among them, 400 enterprises unveiled nearly 5,000 products, creating sales of more than 1.5 billion yuan.


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