​A Chinese White Dolphin found in Shunde!
Foshan China 2021-07-27 21:53

At about 11 p.m. on July 25, citizens near Lebei Ferry, Shunde District happened to notice a white animal with pink luster jumping in and out of the river. It was suspected to be a Chinese White Dolphin.



On July 26, its trace was found and experts confirmed that it was a Chinese White Dolphin, yet it was sick and old. What’s worse, its sonar system couldn’t even function as normal.


The experts advised that the government staff should keep an eye on it instead of sending it back to sea. If so, as a mammal that catch breaths through lungs, it will probably die from being suffocated during the rescue, as people round it up and catch in from the water.



Chinese White Dolphins, termed as Sousa chinensis, are best known as "pandas in the sea" and "national treasures in the sea" for its rarity. They normally live in the area where freshwater and seawater meet. In the past few years, a few lost their way and strayed into river. Some luckily got the help from human, while some died unfortunately.



Unlawful hunting of this species under first-class national protection will be severely punished. Therefore, for anyone who discovers it, do not hesitate to call 13929112800 to inform the government and do not catch it.


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