Line 4 of Foshan Metro (Phase I) approved for construction
Foshan China 2021-07-23 09:57
On July 20th, Guangdong Provincial Development and Reform Commission has published "Reply on Feasibility Study Report for Foshan Urban Rail Transit Line 4 (Phase I)" (hereinafter referred to as "the Reply"), approving construction work to be carried out for Line 4 of Foshan Metro (Phase I) (hereinafter referred to as Foshan Metro Line 4). On early stage, the line will be operated as a single direct route, with 300 carriages on 50 trains. As for short- and long-term planning, sectional routes will be added to facilitate passengers.


55.21 km in length to level up traffic system in Foshan

As stated in the Reply, Foshan Metro Line 4 spans from Beijiang Avenue in the west to Gangkou Road in the east, with an overall length of 55.21 km, 49.13 km underground, 5.17 kilometers in elevated section, and 0.91 kilometers in transitional section. 


33 stations were planned on the line (all station names are temporary):

3 elevated station:  Lianzitang, Xincheng Hospital, and Dajiangshe Village (莲子塘、新城医院、大江社村)

30 underground station: Beijiang Avenue, Xiqing Avenue, Sanshui Hospital, Xinan Community, Dongjiao Park, Shishan North, Boai Road, Keji West Road, Kepu Mid-road, Xiaokengwei, Foshan West Railway Station, Xiabai, Luo Wu Road, Ludao Hubei, Ludao Lake, Liantang, Zhangcha, Jiangwan Road, Foshan Avenue, Jihua Park, Wenhua Park, Jihua 6th Road, Shiken, Jihua East Road, Pingsheng, Guabu, Pingnan Industrial Zone, Pingshun East Road, Sanshan New Town South and Gangkou Road (江大道、西青大道、三水医院、西南街道、东交公园、狮山北、博爱路、科技西路、科普中路、小坑尾、佛山西站、下柏、罗务路、绿岛湖北、绿岛湖中、莲塘、张槎、江湾路、佛山大道、季华园、文华公园、季华六路、石肯、季华东路、平胜、瓜步、平南工业区、平顺东路、三山新城南、港口路)


1 vehicle depot: Pingsheng (平胜车辆段)

1 parking lot: Dalang Mountain (大塱山停车场)

3 main substations: Sanshui, Ludao Lake and Pingzhou (三水、绿岛湖、平洲主变电站)

1 dispatch center: Wanhua Control Center (湾华控制中心)


The subway line uses a 6-car marshalling of B-type vehicles, with a maximum speed of 100 km/h, and DC 1500V catenary power supply. It is estimated that 44.601 billion yuan will be invested in the project, of which 40% comes from government funding. Apart from that, bank loans will keep the construction running. Foshan Railway Investment and Construction Group Co., Ltd. will be in charge of investment, construction and management with this project.


To synergize development momentum from Chancheng, Nanhai and Sanshui Districts

Once Foshan Metro Line 4 comes into service, Foshan will officially enter an "all-city subway" era when Chancheng, Nanhai and Sanshui Districts will be drawn closer for more cooperation opportunities.


Regionally speaking, Foshan Metro Line 4 comes hand in hand with the overall city planning, linking main urban area, Shishan town (citys sub-center) and Southwest areas in Foshan. It is exciting to see more potentials are being tapped for integrated growth in Sanshui Southwest Community, Nanhai Pingsheng and Sanshan New Town.


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