Level up your stamina at these sports centers in Foshan
Foshan China 2021-07-22 09:53

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games is approaching. Are you excited about that? As the Olympic Motto - faster, higher, stronger – encourages, everyone should pursue a healthy life and do exercises regularly. Let us introduce some sports centers or parks that you may be looking for.


01 Lingnan Mingzhu Sports Center 



Situated in Chancheng District, Lingnan Mingzhu Sports Center is well-known for its pearl-like appearance. This gymnasium, covering an area of 223,000 square meters, is capable of accommodating up to 6,000 audiences and equipped with 8 standard-sized basketball courts, a square for residents nearby to work out, a 600-meter-long outdoor corridor for exercise and other training halls. It is worth mentioning that the sports center stands at the heart of resident quarter, so people nearby are able to go there to take exercise frequently.


02 Century Lotus Sports Center  



Like a booming lotus, Shijilian Sports Center has already become a landmark in Foshan. Located in Foshan New Town, Shunde District, it occupies 420,000 square meters.



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Among all the facilities it has, its swimming and diving hall with the total investment of 240 million that meets the international standard is the biggest attraction, especially to professional swimmers.


03 Qiandenghu Sports Park   


Qiandenghu Sports Park is a newly built park in Guicheng, Nanhai District where you are free to take exercise or enjoy leisure here. Divided into four function areas, including a square, an entertainment zone, a parent-child area and a sport arena, it welcomes people at all ages to find joy here.



Moreover, on this land of 40,000 square kilometers, there are 5 football courts, 4 basketball courts, 2 tennis courts, 1 volleyball courts and 6 tables for table tennis, and it therefore meets the need of people with different interests in sports.



There are so many stadiums in Foshan. Why not pick one and come to take exercise regularly to keep fit!


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