Summer resorts to cool off hot summer in Foshan
Foshan China 2021-07-15 09:38

As the temperature keeps rising, do you still want to stay at the air-conditioned room? In fact, on dog days, there are always places in the city that make you feel cool. 


Chancheng District

Wang Jiegang Forest Park: a sensation of ancient volcanoes

Located in the center of Chancheng District, the hillock is about 60 meters high. Its history can be traced back to 52 million years ago, and it is about 11,000 square meters of volcanic lake. 



(Photo by Gaobo)


It would be a revealing and enriching experience for kids if parents take them to stand on the viewing platform on a spot close enough to observe the ruins of ancient volcanoes. The volcano of thousands of years ago has now become a beautiful scenery people enjoy the summer amid the greenery here.




Nanhai District

Pingsha Island: a "jade" in the water




Pingsha Island, located in the center of the river, get its name for flat terrain and sandy soil. The air on the island is fresh, the river breeze blows gently, and the scenery is beautiful like a paradise. The residents of the island live a peaceful and leisure life, far away from the hustle and bustle. 


With all the greens in your eyes, there might be a tall banyan tree that endures generation and holds up shadows for people. What an enduring moment to reflect on. 


Shunde District

Shunfengshan Forest Park: a land of oasis in Shunde

Shunfengshan Forest Park is one of the "New Ten Landscapes" in Shunde. People commonly say that the summer in Shunde begins in the park.


In Shunfengshan Forest Park, you might walk along the road around Qingyun Lake to the Wetland Park. With a glimpse closer, layers of lotus leaves match perfectly with gorgeous lotus blossom. In a bigger picture, these flowers merge together with ancient Lingnan architecture, just like a masterpiece. 




In addition to the lotus, egrets, black swans, squirrels and other animals can also be found in the park. The pavilions stand beside the water, surrounded by the gallery and wooden eave column. Lingnan traditional architectural atmosphere is fully displayed here, people enjoy a static charm in the pleasant landscape garden.

Huagaishan Plank Road: winding moutains dotted with "jade".


Huagaishan Plank Road, about 1600 meters long, surrounds the whole mountain. Lush trees is like a wandering dragon. Walking through it, you will be greeted with all the greens and stunning natural beauties. Its perfect for people to come here to take a leisurely life and escape the heat in summer.




Gaoming District

Zaomu Mountain: a high-rise view of nature


"Anyone who dare to say that no mountain is magnificent in Foshan must have never been to Zaomu Mountain."





The main peak of the hill, with an elevation of 804.5 meters, is known as the "the highest in Foshan", and was rated as one of the Ten Scenes of Foshan in 2012.

Boundless verdure in front of you is just like a green curtain, given the fact that Zaomu Mountain is a rare summer resort in Foshan.


Sanshui District 

Sanshui Forest Park: Confucius Temple in the forest

Temperatures here are at least two to three degrees cooler than in the city. It is unarguably one of the best summer resorts. Surrounded by flowers and trees, the oxygen here are extremely rich, and the temperature is 3 degrees lower.



Vast trees and bamboos tower into sky and the air is perfumed with the relaxing smell of plants.

Deep in the craggy forest lies the largest Confucian temple in southern China. You may hear the voices from a thousand years ago if you push that heavy wooden door.


Danan Mountain Forest Park - Gem on Tropic of Cancer


The streams of the park are clear and the trees are lush on both sides. Along the way, there are idyllic landscapes, mysterious limestone caves, Hundred-mile Gallery, Beijiang Embankment and Chizhu Hill, the site of dinosaur fossils. 



The northern part of Sanshui is crossed by the Tropic of Cancer, and the Danan Mountain is the only dense mountain forest in Foshan section of the Tropic of Cancer. In the hot summer, when people come here, they are reluctant to leave.


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