Foshan medical teams appear in blockbuster movie Chinese Doctors
Foshan China 2021-07-14 10:07

As the COVID-19 epidemic is gradually under control across Foshan, movie theaters have been allowed to resume operation, as 2021 summer movie season arrives. The premiere of Chinese Doctors, a pandemic-themed movie that pays tribute to Chinese medical workers in the fight against the COVID-19 outbreak, was held in Guangzhou Dr. Sun Yat-Sens Memorial Hall at the night of June 9. Notably, Foshan made contributions to the filming. 


Medical teams from Foshan backing up Hubei Province


Zhong Nanshan, role model in Chinas fight against COVID-19 and recipient of the Medal of the Republic, said with emotions after watching the movie that he teared a few times and praised that the movie,to a great extent, shows the situation in Wuhan during the outbreak. "Chinese doctors show us what responsibility and resolution are."


  Zhong Nanshan on the premiere


Medical workers from Foshan threw themselves into the battle against COVID-19 in hard-hit Hubei


Focusing on Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital, the main battlefield against the pandemic in China where medical workers were involved in, the movie vividly reflects an arduous struggle in that time.


It is worth mentioning that at the end of the movie, audience can find the scene of Foshan medical workers leaving for Hubei. 


A group of medical workers were invited to watch the film

  The audience thumbed up to the film.


  Zhao Ruqin watched the movie with his families.


Zhao Ruqin, one of the medical workers that have been to Wuhan last year, came to watch the movie with his families. Although he failed to find himself in the movie scenes where there are over 300 Foshan medical workers, he deems that these scenes mirror the strong will of all Foshan people. 


Chen Qibo, a local entrepreneur, shared that he felt the close connection with Hubei people particularly after going through the recent wave of COVID-19 outbreak in Guangzhou and Foshan.


"I am so proud to be born as Chinese" said Zhang Yingyin, a worker in public transportation industry, who was touched by the unity of Chinese people presented in the movie. 


Mai Xiaolu, a doctor who is responsible for the nucleic acid test, commented that the relations between doctors and patients, superiors and subordinates in the hospital and the depiction of the disease are very realistic.



Foshan enterprises helped post-production


Reportedly, Foshan Wankuan Limited Company was behind the scene for post-production, as it was responsible for improving visual-audio effect of this movie.


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