Amazing Foshan

佛山四条游径入选粤港澳大湾区文化遗产游径 4 tour routes to explore historical marks in GBA

4 iconic routes were selected as Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Cultural Heritage.

2021-06-28 16:03:00 来源:Foshan China

外国人在佛山的抗疫心声 Voices from Foshan expats under the pandemic

Some foreigners in Foshan shared their stories in the new wave of Covid-19 outbreak.

2021-06-09 16:07:00 来源:Foshan China

520,三水“呷醋”佳节!"Sanshui Vinagar" on loving May 20th

Foshan hosted the "2021 Sanshui Vinegar Culture Festival" in Lubao, Sanshui

2021-05-24 09:57:00 来源:Foshan China

南海11km徒步路线来了!赏千亩鱼塘、花海鹭鸟…… A hiking trip in gorgeous Foshan

Come and have a fun May Day trip in Foshan.

2021-04-27 17:36:00 来源:Foshan China

来,干了这碗臭屁醋!Smelly Vinegar Porridge

Everything you need to know about one special Foshan ​delicacy: smelly vinegar porridge.

2021-04-27 17:15:00 来源:Foshan China

中国与科威特非遗佛山开展,线上展厅火热启动 A digital exhibition for China and Kuwait ICH

China and Kuwait ICH generated new sparks in Foshan | Amazing Foshan

2021-04-27 16:56:00 来源:Foshan China