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Foshan lowered nucleic acid testing price for residents

From May 31st, all level of medical institutions in Foshan will lower nucleic acid testing price.

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A high-end commercial complex to be built in Foshan New City

New progress has been made for Foshan New City with business cooperation reached between local corporations.

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Unique dragon boat activities to enjoy in Foshan

The 2000-year holiday is generally celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth month of the lunar calendar.

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Shiwan Yubinshao issued with the Certificate Of Origin

Dragon Boat Festival is one of the peak periods for the export of baijiu.

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Lubao Town, with over 10 billion yuan, ready to take off

Notably, Lubao Park is also home to projects from tertiary industry.

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Dragon boat drifting courses through Diejiao people's veins

This kind of sport is an intangible cultural heritage item of Foshan.

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Foshan local P2P book service platform received global attention

In recent years, China has been swept up by a "reading" trend among all generations.

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Shunde AGV System nominated in intl library award

As announced by the federation, the video has been nominated in the category named "Metropolitan Libraries Award".

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Shunde Huanglian sacrificial ceremony included as provincial ICH

It is believed that Cangjie and Jusong were the creators of Chinese characters.

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A Chinese white dolphin spotted in Foshan? Click to know

The dolphin, estimated with 200 pounds, swam within 2 or 300 meters of the vicinity.

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4 Foshan enterprises honored on the Forbes Global 2000 List

On the the Forbes Global 2000 this year, 399 China-based companies have won places on the list.

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New traffic line to connect Guangzhou and Nanhai

On May 11, new progress has been made on the Guangzhou-Foshan Second Expressway.

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A medical device giant settled in Shunde

A 10-billion-yuan industrial cluster is expected to be formed by 2025.

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To honor "the birth of Lv Dongbin" online on May 14th

The 2022 celebration of "the birth of Lv Dongbin" held online on May 14th.

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Foshan, City of Museums: a kaleidoscope into the world

Museum now serves as a place where we are free to learn about both our past and new trends.

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