Foshan Style

Modern dance 'Entropy' shown in Foshan Grand Theatre

From September 16th to 17th, Modern dance "Entropy" was performed in Foshan Grand Theatre.

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​Sanshui "La Liga" led a football craze in Foshan

On August 27th, the 16th Sanshui Football League Championship has gone phenomenal.

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Dongping Bridge took on a new look this August

Since March, Dongping Bridge has been under repair and reinforcement.

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Fish sieve weaving technique backs up fishery in Jiujiang Nanhai

In Jiujiang Town, Nanhai District, there is a special fish sieve, covered with "holes".

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Foshan revealed an official list of "Historic Martial Arts Masters"

The event this year, which lasted for 14 days, brought together nearly 10,000 martial arts geniuses.

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Foshan jonined Belgium in teen football training

The Belgian Football Welfare Experience Day has caused a "heated" phenomenon at the Century Lotus Sports Center.

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These two places in Foshan rated as national night-time tourist spot

What are the highlights in these two places? Let's a look.

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New elements fused in mooncake in Foshan for Mid-autumn Festival

As Mid-Autumn Festival draws closer and closer, some museums and restuarants in Foshan have innovated their moon cakes.

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Live-streaming industry in Dali Foshan saw greater vitality in July

Higher electricity consumption reflects stronger economic resilience in a region.

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Foshan listed as Top 10 prefecture-level cities as for population growth in 2021

Jiaxing, Suzhou and Foshan are the top 3 cities on the list.

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CTA 2022 to kick off again in Foshan on August 20th​

As announced, the CTA 2022 (Foshan Open) is scheduled this year from August 19th to 21st at Foshan Century Lotus Sports Center.

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15 Foshan companies recognized as 2022 China Top 500 Valuable Brands

During the summit, 2022 Report of China Top 500 valuable brands was announced.

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The First People’s Hospital of Foshan comes to Sanlongwan

The public service for Nanhai District will be more comprehensive.

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Foshan DRG.GK to create new e-sport hype in Foshan

Since 2017, e-sport Industry has been included as one of the key economic drives in Foshan.

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Modern Foshan commerce history: from a fishing village to key trade hub

About 4 centuries ago, Foshan had been a prosperous fishing village and market and also one of earliest foreign trading ports.

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