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Mingxuan company empowers biomedical industry in Shunde

On October 10th, the delivery ceremony of Mingxuan was held at Liandong U Valley • Shunde International Enterprise Port.

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Ceramics collections reveal the myth between “sparkle” and Foshan

A brand-new ceramic collection was this October presented at Ancient Nanfeng Kiln.

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Space microwave from Galanz facilitates China’s space industry

The space microwave oven developed by household appliance brand Galanz is exhibited at the Guangdong sector.

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Nanguo West Tunnel opens in Shunde

On October 8, the upgrading project of Nanguo Road (Phase II) saw new substantial progress.

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Foshan's first municipal public nursing home under operation

Foshan's first municipal public nursing home is under operation.

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Chuanlord Park’s penguins get popular this October

Chuanlord Tourism & Leisure EXPO Park is a hot destination during the holiday.

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HOME, a love beyond expression | My Foshan Story②

HOME tells a story of one youth, Xin, returning to his beloved hometown as a village officer.

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First hydrogen-driven shared bike put into trial operation in Nanhai

On October 1, the hydrogen energy driven two-wheeled vehicle was put into trial operation.

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Discover new aesthetics at this Graffiti wall in Chancheng

You might be surprised to find yourself in somewhere magical.

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Come here for a pinky dreamy getaway

They are perfectly the perfect background for your creature.

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Xiqiao Big Cake: a taste of sweetness② | The Foshan Bite

The longer time passed, the more it stands as a classic.

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ROOT, an inspiring story on screen in Foshan | My Foshan Story①

The stories have witnessed a revolution for Foshan’s new development philosophy.

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Awakening lion unveiled in Nanhai

With a height of 12.8 meters, the lion head is made of 316 stainless steel pines.

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Official construction kicked off for Guangfo West Ring

Good news comes that the Guangfo West Ring started construction on September 28.

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Sanlongwan released its first guide map for talents

A total of 56 industrial projects have settled in Sanlongwan.

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