Foshan Style

"Wow! So many dim sum options!" | I'm in Foshan③

Yum cha is the Cantonese tradition involving Chinese tea and dim sum.

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Global solicitation for Foshan city slogan

Slogans to be submitted should be properly positioned and profoundly themed.

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Ice cream maker, acupuncture... What robots can't do now?

The two-exhibition present some of the major technological outcomes from local digital upgrading in Foshan.

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Next Kungfu star? Foreign teacher learns Wing Chun in Foshan

Did he grasp the spirit of Wing Chun? Let us check it out!

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China - Japan Matchmaking Meeting to be held in Nanhai

The Meeting serves as a platform for manufacturers from China and Japan to procure, sell and establish business cooperation.

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What is it like to teach in Foshan? They said...

On this special day, let's listen to their stories!

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Guanxin Town | Fun in Foshan③

Guanxin Town, down the "Lingnan Civil Lighthouse" Xiqiao Mountain offers you a chance of leisure.

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"Xiangyun" Silk leads new aesthetic appeals at CIFTIS

This year, the event is inspired by key topics including peak carbon dioxide emissions and carbon neutrality.

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Artistic graffiti get on walls in Guicheng

Graffiti arts in Guicheng, Foshan keep track of the city’s history.

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A Foshan school debate team listed as World Top 3

Shimen Debate Team honored as World Top 3 for the first time 14 years after its founding.

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Foshan GK entered finals of Honor of Kings World Champion Cup

On August 21st, the semi-final for Honor of Kings World Champions Cup(2021) was kicked off.

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Foshan international trade saw highest sustained growth in Guangdong

Foshan has registered a total of 355.1 billion yuan in import and export value.

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Shunde Natural Science Museum opens for tourists

A place to unveil the mystery of the earth and trace the origin of life.

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What’s Foshan people’s favorite midnight snack?

More than 70% delivery men worked at night in Foshan, ranking among top 10 in China.

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Domestic robot giant Estun Automation settles in Shunde

Sanlongwan will furthur link domestic and foreign innovation resources.

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