Video: Liangshan teenager’s dream of being a chef of Guangdong cuisine

发布时间:2019-03-12 来源:Foshan News

Eat in Guangdong and cook in Shunde. Shunde cuisine can be both a delicious dish and a golden key to change one's destiny.

Last summer, a 16-year-old poor teenager named Li Song came to Shunde, the gourmet capital of the world, from Liangshan, Sichuan Province to start his cooking career and take an important step to change his destiny. His dream is to stay in Shunde and become an excellent Cantonese cuisine chef after he completes his study.


Li Song's story is the epitome of Guangdong's in-depth implementation of the "Cantonese Cuisine Chef" project.


On March 8, at the Guangdong Delegation Group Meeting of the Second Session of the Thirteenth National People's Congress, Li Xi, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, stressed the importance of vigorously implementing the strategy of Rural Revitalization and carrying out important measures like the "Cantonese Cuisine Chef" project.


Since the implementation of the "Cantonese Cuisine Chef" project last year, 147 technical and vocational colleges in Guangdong have set up Cantonese cuisine related specialties, and built three provincial key and characteristic specialties of Cantonese cuisine, with a total of 56,000 students. Implementation Plan of Guangdong Province Cantonese Cuisine Chef Project proposed that by 2022, Guangdong will carry out "Cantonese Cuisine Chef" training for more than 50,000 people, driving 300,000 people to get employed or start a business, which makes "Cantonese Cuisine Chef" into an international name card to promote Lingnan cuisine culture.


Foshan takes the implementation of the "Cantonese Cuisine Chef" project as an important way to precisely alleviate poverty through education. Last June, Shunde Chef College was established. At present, 67 students from Liangshan, Zhanjiang and Yunfu have entered Shunde Chef College for free training. By 2020, Foshan will set up a provincial and 20 municipal and district-level training bases to train more than 3,000 Cantonese cuisine chefs.