Minor Heat | Embrace the beauty and joy of the season
Foshan China 2023-07-07 17:03

Today (July 7) marks the beginning of Minor Heat. Minor Heat (Chinese:小暑) is the 11thsolar term of the year.

After Minor Heat, the days grow longer, and the nature seems to hold its breath, as if bracing for the scorching days that lie ahead. The fields are adorned with vibrant greenery, and the sweet aroma of ripening fruits fills the air, creating a symphony of summer. Despite the rising temperatures, there is certain enchantment in the air, a sense of anticipation for the bountiful harvest and the joys of summertime. Xiaoshu, with its sunnydays and balmy nights, invites us to embrace the beauty and abundance of the season.

Reporter | Eleanor 

Reviser | Linn, Christy