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Today is September 10th, the Teachers Day in China. In Foshan, there is such a group of foreign teachers who pass on knowledge to students with love and wisdom. 



On this special day, lets listen to their stories!




Ruben: encourages students to go out




“Teaching is quite fun. The new semester started recently and I really look forward to meeting new students.” Ruben has been teaching in Foshan for nine years. He told us the story of having a chance encounter of a university student at the Eiffel Tower, France. The student was inspired by Rubens advice that one should see the world and widen his horizon, so she embarked on a trip to Paris.



“My relationship with my students is very special, and I am like a funny ‘big brother’ to them. I communicate to them in an honest and direct way, and they know me very well. I like this relationship.” Ruben said. In this way, when students make mistakes, they feel sorry not just for a teacher, but also a friend



Neil: Fulfill teachers’ mission by helping students realize dreams




Used to be an Oxford graduate, Neil is now an English teacher at Shimen Middle School. He said that he came to China to teach because “it sounds fun”. Now he has become one of the "Ace teachers" and a tutor for many outstanding students.



Neil, who has been a teacher in Foshan for 16 years, recalled his first year in China when he was a teacher of graduate students in high school. He talked with a student in the class and found out  that he was a return student who had the dream of going to Peking University to study medicine. “I was inspired by him, and thought that as a teacher, the most fulfilling thing is to help students pursue their dreams.”



Michelle: Students having fun learning is the “best present”



“谢谢你,老师!”一声道谢就足以让Michelle感动。曾在南非教学的她,看到当地饱受饥饿之苦的孩子们仍在努力学习,认为做老师需要付出更多。当问及“你最想收到的教师节礼物是什么?”Michelle表示她非常喜欢孩子们亲手做的“小玩意”, 例如贺卡、手工、绘画等等。对于她来说,孩子们能够在快乐中学有所成,就是最好的教师节礼物。"

Thank you, teacher!” A simple sentence is enough to make Michelle moved. Having taught in South Africa, she saw starving children struggling to learn and thought being a teacher required self-sacrifice. When asked "what present would you like to receive on Teachers’ Day?" Michelle said that she loves the little things her students made for her, such as cards, cut-outs and paintings. To her, the best Teachers Day gift is that children can have fun learning and absorb the content she taught.



Happy Teachers’ Dayto all the teachers!


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