Dragon Boat? Rock ‘n’ Row! | Im in Foshan①
Foshan China 2021-09-07 09:59

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In the first episode, Fons will row dragon boat on the river in Foshan with the award-winning Shunde Lecong Dragon Boat Team, and experience the boat version of "fast and furious".  


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Guest Host:Fons

Fons comes from the Netherlands and has been living in Foshan for more than 5 years. He used to be a foreign employee of Foshan Bureau of Commerce, and is now married to a Shunde girl.  He loves lion dance, dragon boat, martial arts and other Foshan cultures.


Come on! We can do it!

"It felt like I couldnt hold on, but everyone was saying Hey, hey. Come on!, so I had to go on"



What makes this championship team?

"You guys didnt look tired at all"

"I think thats what people always say, practice makes perfect"



-Would you like to join us?

-I would come back after building muscles




In the next episode, Ruben from the United States will visit a master of Wing Chun in Foshan to learn Kung-fu. Will he accomplish the mission?  


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Presented by Foshanstyle Studio, Foshan News

Supervisor: Kevin Yan

Planner: Weirong Zeng, Wanping Chen

Director: Jessica Su, Bingyu Hu, Eleanor He, Jersey Guo

Cameramen: Huixin Huang, Site Zhang

Film Cutter: Bingyu Hu