Amazing Foshan

How to tell a Foshan billionaire?|Laowai Wonder Why⑤

Foshan has been known as a city home to many inspiring entrepreneurs.

2022-05-24 14:50:22 来源:佛山新闻网

Chicken? All ends up on dinner table in Foshan? | Laowai Wonder Why③

Is it true that no chicken can "make it" out of Foshan?

2022-05-24 15:13:03 来源:佛山新闻网

Kungfu? A must for Foshan people? | Laowai Wonder Why②

There has been a claim that everyone in Foshan knows Kungfu. Let's find out from Ruben and Lisa.

2022-05-24 15:08:55 来源:佛山新闻网

Soup? A cure-all for Foshan people? | Laowai Wonder Why①

Rumor has it that Foshan people are obsessed about making and drinking soup, exactly like people drink coffee in the West.

2022-05-24 15:07:29 来源:佛山新闻网