Amazing Foshan

Mystery of Cantonese menu | Laowai Wonder Why⑫

You may still have doubts with the Cantonese menu? Let's find out the answer from Ruben and Lisa!

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The most advanced robots debut in Foshan!

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Joe from HK: to embroider a dream with string and needle in GBA

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All Foshan weddings are filled with good fortune?|Laowai Wonder Why⑨

Will Ruben make it through the challenge? Will they remember the lucky lines?

2022-07-01 11:52:42 来源:Foshan China

Lacquer art highlighted in Baini Town, Sanshui

For centuries, Baini Town along the Xijiang River is best known for its lacquer art.

2022-07-01 11:38:28 来源:Foshan China

“Foshan Scissorhands” brought hairdressing back in Fashion

2022-07-01 11:36:29 来源:Foshan China

June 1st, spreading joy to every kid in the world!

Here are the wishes from Foshan and other places. HAPPY CHILDREN's DAY!

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Farah: first try at making zongzi with a local Foshan family

As someone who has never been in the kitchen, how'll she handle this new challenge?

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Come with us for Zaomu Mountain reopening!

After two years of upgrading, what does it have in store? Let's go and find out!

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Video | First-ride experience on Guangzhou Metro Line 7

How'd he make it all here? What’s the life in Foshan different from Canada? Let’s hear him out.

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Shaibani: growth is possible for e-commerce despite the virus

In the recession period, how did he manage to buck the trend and gain good performance?

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It's On! Hardest Cantonese Challenge Accepted!|Laowai Wonder Why④

As an universal language used by the population of over 120 million people, Cantonese has been prevalent all across the world.

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Money wisdoms tucked away at these museums in Foshan

What’s the story between money and Foshan? Let this museum tell you!

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Really? Needles can cure diseases?|Laowai Wonder Why⑥

Do you know what Foshan people will do when they get minor ailments?

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