Amazing Foshan

Foreigners share their China story 丨New Era in China ②

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German med scientist sets goal in China | New Era in China①

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Awakening lion unveiled in Nanhai

2022-11-07 11:27:09 来源:Foshan China

Chen Jiongliang: let more "Foshan valve brands" go international

2022-11-07 11:24:13 来源:Foshan China

Blooming flowers brought a gorgeous scene in Foshan

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Chen Jiongliang: let more “Foshan valve brands” go international

Standing on the shoulders of their parents, they have greater ambitions to give it a go.

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New fashion created with century-old "five-nut" mooncakes in Foshan

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A teacher in Foshan: 14 yrs of bringing sound to silent souls

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Armenian boy found out the secret of rice in Foshan

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When camping becomes "high-tech" in Foshan

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Tennis kids starstruck at CTA 500 (Foshan)

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Armenian girl's first adventure with Xiang Yun Sha

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Russian girl on trying out Cantonese hotpot for the first time

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Young teens from Azerbaijan explore Gaoming rice noodles

Were they able to tackle all these challenges? Click in the video and find out!

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